2006 Public Service

Who knew First Aid could be such fun?!

I rather think that participants were more bemused than anything, but doubtless some crucial life-saving measures were conveyed into willing minds. The pale bodies on the floor didn’t look particularly healthy, however:

I’m willing to bet that the dummies were there for demonstrating appropriate cardio-pulmonary resuscitation techniques. Perhaps the leader played the title track to Saturday Night Fever, so that participants could get the right frequency, on the right beat?

Anyway, with special thanks for this session to Fergus Sandison, who organised the Lions attendees, anyway, though there were several other participants, looks like Philip Walter and Shirley Brown, anyway, alongside Lions Club members Wendy McAvoy, Christine Sherwood, Graeme Leighton, Peter Aldcroft, Ann Potter, Terry Page, Steph Jamieson, and Stephanie Atkinson. Let’s look at the group photo and see if I’ve missed anyone, though it might be hard to tell, disguised as everyone is in a head bandage.

Ah yes, of course, there’s Fergus himself, and Hilary Aldcroft, and Julie Humes! A lovely gang of qualified First Aiders! Thank you all for attending and helping out in succeeding events!

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