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‘This is my Allendale’

Kay Cooper, who wrote this lovely, enchanting piece about Nigel Baynes and his Allendale, back in the spring of 2008, spearheaded the article with a mention of the philanthropic activities of the Allendale Lions Club. But of course, the dramatic appearance of the profile after the annual Burns Night, and before the May Fair, helped to keep the village and community in the mind’s eye of the region. In the run-up to the Fair, every bit of publicity has always been golden, so for sure Nigel did his part.

Nigel saved the Tynedale Life article very carefully in between the various activities of the Allendale Lions Club, all laminated and pristine in his big folder archive, and so it makes sense to incorporate these pages just as judiciously here in our twenty-year archive as well.

Where would we be without stories recapitulating those events that are such a part of our memory-laden lives? And nobody recounted tales with more aplomb than Nigel, especially when they were on himself!

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I’m not surprised you had trouble writing that piece, I’ve had tears reading it, again not surprisingly, many thanks I didn’t even know it had been published back in 2008

A beautiful memory that made me cry again! Allendale is poorer without Nigel – and we are left behind, feeling old and not nearly having as much fun as we did with our dear friend.

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