2007 Lions Social Events

The Wasdale Ramble

Julie and David Humes were the primary organisers of the walking adventures in the early days of the Allendale Lions Club, and as far as I can determine, Nigel Baynes was the official photographer of many of these events. No doubt the adventurers were carried to their embarkation point on a Baynes bus.

It seems to me, though I may be mistaken, that the participants in this group photograph were Doug Ness, Davey, Julie, Margaret Stonehouse, Jane Peach, Peter Aldcroft, Stephanie Atkinson, Trevor Newman, and Ray Bather. And two friendly doggies.

These walks seem to have been a great team-building exercise, imbuing the participants with great esprit de corps, and energising them to participate in even more philanthropic activities during the autumn season ahead.

As we shall see (peering into the future as we can, thanks to the time-travelling capacity of this social history blog), walks of one sort or another have punctuated the local Lions’ experience right through to the present day.

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