2010 May Fairs

The Sunday Sun’s feature on the May Fair, 2010

Somehow, I’m not quite sure how, Nigel Baynes’ B Factor managed a surreptitious appearance in the photograph of Steve Roll, second place finisher of the Strongest Man competition. So that was a clever bit of advertising placement, wasn’t it!

Meanwhile, no doubt the organisers of the Hexham Regatta were a bit dumbfounded to see their event relegated to a little bit of text at the end of the Allendale Fair piece, which really showcased the Children’s Race organised by the Allen Valley Striders. So cute!

It was always great fun to see what post-event write-ups came along after the May Fair, and the publicity from the Lions’ 2010 event was no exception. Clearly, however, as the little yellow arrow indicates, online content was making an inroad into the print media.

How times change, and how we enjoy reminiscing about the times past while accepting that things do move on.

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