2004 May Fairs

The local press welcomes Allendale Lions

Back in the day, the Allendale Fair was such big news it rated an entire page all to itself! Of course, that didn’t include the full page ad in the run-up, in addition to the copious images printed along with Joseph Tulip’s enthusiastic piece.

After all the celebrations, press clippings and the enthusiasm of the community, communicated at great length in the week after the Fair, it was probably a good month for us Lions to try to relax a little.

I understand that several of us were meant to be going to the ?Zone Meeting? on the 24th of June (no doubt carrying our copies of the Hexham Courant as bragging rights): the list as of our meeting on the 7th of June included: Julie, Graham, Carrie, Lynda, Stephanie, Terry, Trev and Prue. But I can find no debrief on this meeting. It turned out, however, that a somewhat larger cohort of us Lions did get to a Lions event in Corbridge, at their annual Tynedale Beer Festival: Graham, Julie, David, Cliff, Giles, Stephanie, Lynda, Larry, Carrie, Harry, Trevor, Prue, George and Joan! Prue reports in the minutes of 5th July that apparently there hadn’t been enough time to sample all the different beers (I recall one Tynedale Beer Festival at which well over 100 brews were on offer, so I guess not!). But most of those attending enjoyed a good boogie.

The next local get-together, however, was to have been at El Presidente’s barbecue held at Trevor and Prue’s place in Bardon Mill on the 26th of June. Prue reported that this ‘practise hand-over party’ was a good one, so that next year’s handover (ie after Trevor would have served for two years) should be a doddle!

Incidentally, to wrap up the report on this 5th July Business Meeting, we had a guest speaker at the beginning, one Wendy Innes, who spoke about her experience of physiotherapy in the Urals (or perhaps more appositely, the lack of it, and her philanthropic endeavours there). We thanked her kindly for talking about her passion, and naturally this presentation set us up nicely for a fund-raising effort (the famous Russian Quartet with Russian cuisine) on the 4th of September.

As July rolled along, however, it was time for more summer fellowship, about which a few notes in the next blog entry.

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