2005 Lions Social Events

The Hungie, or Nigel’s Tales of the Riverbank

Somewhere, in some of Nigel Bayne’s voluminous files which I’ve just acquired for this blog archive, I hope to find some personal mementos of the big Hungie riverbank hand-over barbecue on the 18th of June 2005, when Lions President Trevor Newman handed the reins of office over to Vice-President Margaret Stonehouse. In particular, I’m hoping to see an image of the floating candles bobbing down the little brook, which is one of my salient memories of that event. That and the midgie nets some of us wore with affected nonchalance.

But until then, these images from Steph Jamieson’s archive will do nicely, thank you! The report on the hand-over party recorded in Prue Newman’s most excellent minutes was brief, which rather suggests to me that a brilliant time was had by everyone, if only we could remember it after all that imbibing.

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