2004 Lions Social Events

The Cumbrian Way

From some 50 images, it’s hard to choose a representative sample of this long trek in the Lake District, but these chosen few do help to illustrate the outset, and then the tiredness, the delight of achievement, and the rather long breaks in between the hard slogs.

Organised by David and Julie Humes, the trek included young and old, four-legged walkers as well as those on only two feet.

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This last photo in the gallery encapsulates I think, in light and shade, the joys of the journey and the happiness at arriving.

As social affairs go, the Cumbrian Way Walk seems to have been amongst the most successful of any events organised by the Allendale Lions, and this was still only our very first year!

A rather different foray had been experienced by several Lions members the week before the walk. The River Boat Shuffle down the Tyne turned out to be a kind of damp squib, aboard the South Shields ferry repurposed for an evening’s ersatz entertainment, with take-away fish and chips in soggy boxes and a general air of decay and harsh smells. I don’t think anyone had a good time on that evening, least of all the Allendale Lions!

So it was a good thing that the Cumbrian Way Walk was such a success, serving in particular to emphasise that we work best when we’re organising events ourselves.

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