2008 Personalities

Thanks Julie

The Beer Festivals down on the Showground were some of the best weekends we Lions experienced, though the work involved was so immense that we later moved back to the Village Hall, or to the square, before we decided that we were too old and tired to keep the effort going.

Julie Humes, Allendale Youth Project Coordinator in addition to her Lions Club membership, was commended by Peter Aldcroft in the autumn of 2008 after another such wonderful Beer & Bands Festival.

The idea was that the continuous programme of music, freely offered throughout the day, would elicit more consumption of the various beers on offer, so that the show would pay for itself and perhaps raise some money for our charitable distributions. To that end, it was important for the bands to be of reasonable quality, though it was also important, everyone agreed, that we offer a platform for young emerging talent to display their prowess. I believe there was always some stipend, if only for travel, to the bands that were featured, which felt like a good investment on behalf of the Beer & Bands committee, towards the music.

As Peter’s photograph showed, of course, the crowd was good-natured, enthusiastic, and everyone had a good time throughout the day.

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