2007 May Fairs Public Service

Such a big effort, the 2007 May Fair!

The promotional material was fulsome, and the photos featured were from the exciting 2006 May Fair, just to whet everyones’ appetites

Possibly, just possibly, although by the end of every Allendale Fair we always said, didn’t we, that this one was the best ever, but possibly the 2007 Fair actually was. As I read the material presented in the Courant a fortnight before the actual event, I thought, hmmm, that writing style looks rather familiar! I think it was me wot wrote it! Over the top as always, of course.

Anyway, for sure there seemed to be a big build-up to this year’s fair, all right, and if Nigel Baynes’ wonderful archive is any measure, it really was a great one when the days finally came around. This year it was themed, ‘And now for something completely different!’ I’m not sure quite how or why the tribute to Monty Python came about, but it was enough to sparkle the imagination, and there were certainly some unique differences, this time around.

We’re going to have three separate entries to encompass the 2007 Allendale Fair, and we’re starting with the Fair for this month’s entries because the archive starts there. Perhaps we can reprise some of the earlier events later in the month, if I can figure out what they actually were!

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