2011 Beer Festivals

Publicity for the Beer & Bands Festival, 2011

So great an event, they had to repeat the publicity blurb! The Hexham Courant must have been having a slow news month, since over the course of a fortnight, our local weekly managed to feature the Agricultural Show and accompanying Beer and Band Festival, not once but twice.

The ads were out in both The Crack and The Informer, the regional publicity magazines.

What we may not remember, of course, is that the decade of austerity was probably just starting to bite; George Osborne had ushered in the belt-tightening regime as the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition assumed government in 2010. Perhaps the Courant had already started to lay off parts of its staff, and the paper was desperate for news items.

Or, and this seems more likely, both the Agricultural Show, and the Allendale Lions Club, sent press releases in to the paper, which went with both!

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