2009 Public Service

Public Service Publicity

Count on the Courant to get at least one detail wrong, as President Peter Ald[ridge] is shown presenting the new silver cup for the Best Garden in Allendale, 2009. I wonder why John Short’s credentials, then leading the Horticultural Society, weren’t mentioned either?! Perhaps readers were expected to understand why he was there, by implicit osmosis from the attribution of the shared award from that group and the Lions Club of Allendale.

In any event, Nigel Baynes’ famous clipping collection, for which I’m sure that Jonny Baynes must have had a crucial role as well, helps us to recapitulate those delightful times.

In future times, when we don’t take clippings anymore but rely exclusively on social media and online newsfeeds, are we really the richer than we were when the news items were treasured items to fill a scrapbook with? Sometimes the tangible is worth more than we might think, at the time of laying down.

Memories are golden, but if forgotten they turn into so much dross, don’t they?

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