2006 Charter Events (annual)

Or maybe too much on?

It was our third Charter Night dinner . . . hmmm.

I suspect that things were becoming overwhelming for a fair few Lions Club members, because for the third annual Charter Dinner, the reports were that attendance was down from what had been expected.

Held on the 24th of February, 2006, the evening was said to be a great night, but it was a shame there weren’t more people there! Nor were any photographs taken, apparently.

Various reasons for social event fatigue were proffered: the plethora of similar events; the intervention of the Pantomime season; the Burns Night Supper; the Golf Club Centenary. The simplest answer seemed to be that folks simply couldn’t do everything. But there was consternation; you don’t have to be much of a sleuth to decode the dismay coming through the minutes of the 6th March, 2006. But February had been specifically chosen, Trevor Newman noted, because it was a ‘dark month’ when nothing much happened in the village. It felt like a mystery to try to explain, but perhaps it was a one-off, just one of those things in an increasingly busy village.

Rosemary Grainger was dispatched to collect both possible suggestions for absences and potential strategies to help us create an exciting 4th Charter Night next year, with a full house in attendance.

Meanwhile, there was lots to be looking forward to, including the First Aid course coming up (Fergus Sandison explained that there were only 2 places still available), the social outing to the Golden Lion in St. John’s Chapel at the end of March, the second Clean the Dene event on the 1st of April, and the Karaoke Heats starting up soon.

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