2011 Business Meetings

New officers for 2011

There had been some consternation in the club, over the previous months, as to when appropriate elections might occur, whether the President might have to have been elected as Vice-President before they assumed the leadership role, and when the actual hand-over might happen. In the event, however, it seems from Irene Ness’s minutes that the actual election went ahead without further hiccough, and the new officers were in place before the Fair.

That must have been something of a relief, to outgoing President Carrie Winger, as the duties down at Allendale Bakery & Café were becoming overwhelming. Clearly, the end of her stint was at hand.

Everyone was delighted that Richard Snowdon was elected as President for the forthcoming year! Sylvia Milburn graciously accepted the role of Vice-President as well. The rest of the officers, as noted in the copy above of part of the minutes, were re-elected in place.

But the election, though it was held at the beginning of the meeting, was not the entire business of the session, not at all. Along with the regular matters arising, like the final arrangements for the Fair (for which Peter Aldcroft indicated that the Courant had really ‘gone to town’ on the pre-publicity), the Handover/Charter evening (at the Cowshill on 11th June), the prospective activities of the Golf Classic (scheduled for 30th July), the Grab-a-Granny trip, and the Beer and Bands Festival, the Charity Auction (booked for the 24th September), a major point of discussion was the matter of the foundering Village Hall and Recreation Ground.

Apparently the charity was losing user groups, and bookings for functions were also decreasing; hence revenue streams were compromised, and the institution was in danger of becoming insolvent. This was becoming a serious concern to the trustees, and worthy of the Lions Club’s attention. The Lions agreed to enhance their representation on the management committee, and to help where feasible with the ongoing maintenance of the facility.

And then, with the Allendale Fair less than a month away, the toast was raised to LCI.

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