2010 Public Service

Mystery Tour!

These photographs, carefully collated in Nigel Baynes’ exhaustive archive from these years, seem like a wonderful reminder of events held over a decade ago. Many of the folks in these pictures are no longer with us, but I hope this diary entry will be an important way to remember them, and the philanthropic efforts of the Allendale Lions Club.

Nearing the end of this odyssey through 2010, and noting the date of the Mystery Tour, I realise that I shall have to shuffle entries again in the blog so that events are presented in proper chronological order.

Of course, the autumnal Charity Auction, which would have elicited the funds by which the Allendale Lions could present a cheque to the Great North Air Ambulance Service, would have happened in late September. In the grand scheme of things, after my re-shuffle, that will be the next entry after this delightful series of images of another crucial philanthropic endeavour, the Mystery Tour.

It’s hard to look at these photographs, and to realise that so many beloved folks have departed from our company.

The Mystery Tour could not have been held without the benevolence and good grace of Baynes Travel staff, who also seem to have had a good time too. Of course, many staff members were also Lions Club members, to be fair.

I wonder if anyone can pinpoint where this Mystery Tour actually went? I can insert that designation, conveniently, or it could be noted in a comment to the blog entry.

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