2009 May Fairs

May Fair 2009: Programme

The programme for the 2009 May Fair was printed on two sides of an A5, with the main day, Saturday, featuring on the front, and the other two days, the Friday and the Sunday, depicted on the back.

That made sense, of course, as the report in the following week’s Courant would only concentrate on the big day itself. But everyone knew, from the point at which the marquee was set up, earlier in the week, and the leaflets were available in the shops, that the event would be going on all weekend.

I’m sure we enjoyed photographs of the biggest T-shirt in the world contest from last year’s May Fair!? So the reprise of that effort on the Sunday must have been another attempt to get into the Guinness Book. I’m afraid I’m none the wiser whether the effort fulfilled its mission. I do hope that everyone enclosed with the big purple garment was also suitably hatted!

However, I can say that Rebecca Dixon, writing up the events on Saturday for the Courant, did us proud. As we did back then, throughout the few days after the cleaning up, we shall have to wait for her report to filter out in the pages of this blog!

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