2008 May Fairs

May Fair, 2008

It’s taken a fair bit of cobbling together, this collated image of Allendale’s May Fair 2008, as the Hexham Courant published a spread over two pages. But only by seeing the whole spread can any fair justice be done to the delight of this 25th Anniversary.

As I recall, the Biggest T-Shirt effort was done in mostly drizzle, and yet clearly there were blue skies on the day, as the Hexham Courant photographer has documented. I don’t think that any of us could quite believe how Sheila Baynes had managed to sew a contiguous set of torsos with individual arms to accommodate dozens and dozens of fair folks!

The race, organised by the Allen Valley Striders, was a lovely feature of the Fair, as was the regular appearance of the Strong Men. The brass band was also a delightful addition to the day’s entertainment.

Illustrating the passage of time, the Courant managed to find a photograph of young Giles Fairless toasting the event, and smiling the broadest smile ever dressed as a fireman at the age of four, with his father.

Credit went to Nigel Baynes and Brian Newman, featured at the heart of the Courant’s spread, for organising the very first Allendale Fair, all those 25 years ago.

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