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May Fair, 2008: The Programme

Although this entry is out of synch just now, with a few tweaks I should be able to put it right in its proper sequence, once this entry is published. I discovered the 2008 Fair programme in Nigel Baynes’ big file folder, and thought it would be remiss not to cover it here in the living history blog.

It was, of course, the first time after the Calor Village of the Year accolade that the whole community was able to get together to celebrate, and fair dues, the Lions made the most of the publicity with this year’s May Fair theme.

The programme is noteworthy too because of the list of sponsors on the back, and also because of the three day programme of events.

I also very much appreciated the emphasis, right up there at the top of the programme, on the renovation of the Recreation Ground as the main beneficiary of the weekend festivities.

It was a heady year, all in all, wasn’t it! A noted writer once opined that we should all work as if we lived in the early days of a better country. And to be sure, that sentiment seemed to be a big component of the driving force behind the Lions Club philanthropy; we all wanted to contribute to what we hoped would become a better community, better even than it already was!

Given that in this living history blog I can flit back and forth between past and present, I can also note that when we pass by the Recreation Ground, on our intermittent travels these days, it’s often with an incipient tear in our eye.

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That was a great week end, but very exhausting, i don’t know how I could stand the pace, great to see some of the Old band names on there as well such as Frayed Ends

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