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May Fair, 2007 . . . more photos

With so many events to choose from, Nigel Baynes must have had a tough time deciding which images to archive behind laminated sheets in his big file folder for 2007.

In the second tranche of neatly organised snapshots, the karaoke final seemed to have bemused the judges, including Paul Mooney in an iconic ‘Now for something completely different’ tee shirt, while the others were wearing official judging shirts. Meanwhile, the wonderful organ was playing tunes, and the bucking bronco was throwing willing participants off into sawdust safety or ignominy.

Hilary Aldcroft was staffing what appears to be a tombola stall, and Nigel has inevitably caught Mrs. Grab-a-Duck plying her trade in the street outside of the rear entrance to the newsagent, aka Allendale MarketPlace.

Inside the marquee, the crowd are quite agog at the drag fashion show, and well they might be!

Jonny Baynes was a delightful, simpering queen as well, in his curlers and pinny, and another stall was doing a roaring trade. Nigel, or his intrepid photographic assistant, seems to have caught the grand winners of the karaoke final.

As Giles Dodwell laughs at the photographer, the playhouse is nearly ready for auctioning off. I think the successful bidder was Ray Bather.

Next entry, if my laptop holds up, encompasses some of the press clippings that appeared after the wonderful weekend.

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