2005 May Fairs

May Fair 2005c

What these images of the amazing troupe of stilted animals can’t quite show is how windy this Fair Day actually was. The performers up on stilts were really blown about, and if the wind had been less, their presence might have been more obvious. As it was, many folks who were at the Fair commented that they’d not seen this troupe at all. Nevertheless, the stilted creatures were an incredibly zinging feature of the Fair Day, and once seen could never really be unseen.

The Tea Dance folks had a lovely time during the afternoon, twirling around on the big floor laid out throughout the huge marquee. Naturally, the tea and cakes were delicious, and quickly scarfed up.

Yes, it really was Dr Feelgood, the famous ’70s band, here in Allendale’s May Fair on the Saturday night, and rocking the whole marquee!

The May Fair continued into Sunday with an ecumenical service in the big tent, but by that time the photographer must have been completely exhausted|!

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