2005 May Fairs

May Fair 2005b

Just in case we hadn’t remembered, Davey Humes sends along this logo which was what the 2005 May Fair was all about:

Meanwhile, the traditional events of the weekend were very much in full swing, including the always delightful Pet Show, the Karaoke finals, and the Strong Man Competition.

I imagine everyone who entered their pets was thrilled with the result!

I can’t remember what Paul Shield and friend called themselves, but it was something outrageous, that much would have been certain. I suspect they actually won the Jock McConnachie trophy!

The Strong Man Competition always attracted large crowds, out to watch one or another very strong guys bust a gut for fame. I hadn’t clocked this particularly hold, some sort of pectoral support provided by the spotter?

Tomorrow we’ll try to finish off the wonderful May Fair images from 2005 with a look at the strange and exotic coloured animal stilt-walkers, the Tea Dance, and the exciting gig with Dr Feelgood in the main marquee.

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