2005 May Fairs Public Service

May Fair 2005a

I think we’re going to need considerably bigger buns if we want to cover all of the exciting events at the 2005 May Fair! The crowd outside the big marquee was watching the music events performed out of the curtain-sider in front of the Co-op:

One of the showcases was the SNAP ’05 group from Brittany, presented by local music promoters Northumbrian Music Nights, as part of an EU-funded project. Another was an exciting local band. The weather smiled on everyone in the square.

During the afternoon, the beer and wine tasting was going down a treat too.

There’s just too much to show in one entry, maybe even in two, of this wonderfully exciting Allendale Fair, so we’ll present another entry tomorrow, and maybe even one more after that.

Look out for the huge puppets mingling with the crowd, the brilliant animal show, the karaoke finals, and the big dance into the night hours. Coming to a cheerful blog entry soon!

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