2006 Beer Festivals May Fairs

May Fair ’06: Beer Festival

Nigel Baynes’ Archive comes through with some lovely snapshots of the Irish-themed Beer Festival

I met Doug Ness at the Household Waste Recycling Centre, as I believe ‘the dump’ is now known, the other day as I began to dispose of some of the accumulation in our loft. He mentioned that this blog was getting close to the point when he and Irene Ness joined the club.

And then I was wondering, what was it, in those early days, that compelled so many people to want, to really want, to join our happy band? Was it the excitement of the many activities that we put on together? Was it something that an effervescent community simply exhorted by sheer exuberance: come, join in, have fun! Was it ‘all of the above’?

In those early days, we delighted in everything we did. It was all new, exciting, thrilling even. We were in love with the passion of the time. We were, each of us, making a difference, making a contribution. Perhaps it’s no wonder that there was a constant stream of people, folks like Doug and Irene, who looking on said to themselves, we must join this, we must! Good fun must be infectious.

Like the lady said, when Harry met Sally: I’ll have what she’s having!

Anyway, they were great times, weren’t they? This last image, in which Nigel seems to be explaining the strategy of Stephanie Atkinson’s Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey game, also shows the good time being enjoyed by all.

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