2013 Business Meetings

May, 2013

If April showers bring May flowers, then the emergence of the wonderful wildflowers in south Northumberland, home of the high North Pennines, is no exception to the rule. Susie White, renowned nature writer and Country Diarist for The Guardian, lives locally and has contributed a delightful paean there to the mountain pansies that emerge at just about the time Allendale’s May Fair is in full swing.

The Business Meeting for May, 2013 was full, literally chocka, of considerations about the upcoming fair. Margaret Stonehouse reported that this year’s fair was looking like the biggest and busiest yet, or at least for many years. Indeed, it was looking so brilliant, as the planning proceeded, that visiting Zone Chairman, David Wheeler, wondered if our club could host a Zone meeting next year. He hoped that along with the free buffet, for which our club would be responsible, we would have a powerpoint presentation of some 15 slides featuring this year’s fair, for the assembled clubs of the North East Zone.

We must have seemed like an effervescent, buzzing club full of eager members, back in the day. Maybe that’s because we were! It was also at this May meeting, after all the fair business and organising had been discussed, that Peter Aldcroft presented a paper outlining the prospects for an Allen Valley Folk Festival, presciently budgeted into the AONB’s recent Lottery Grant for the Allen Valleys (in association with Fawside), for the remarkable sum, to be spent over five years, of £40,000 out of some £2.5million inward capital.

The meeting proposed to invite Andy Lees, newly appointed coordinator of the Landscape Partnership which would oversee the grant from the new office space being carved out of the old Bowls Club kitchen in Allendale Village Hall, to describe the situation with regards to funding and capacity, which might eventuate as a Folk Festival, at our July meeting, before the club came to a final decision as to how we might support this effort.

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