2013 Business Meetings

March, 2013

Austerity really was biting hard, by March 2013, and the effects of this government policy were being felt across the land. In terms of the events and fund-raising that the Allendale Lions Club was holding, austerity was definitely cutting into the fun.

The Proper Boys gig did manage (just!) to make a small profit, with contributions totalling £123 on the night. The Lions congratulated Peter Aldcroft for pulling this gig through, though the gate turnout was much lower than expected. A variety of additional reasons were suggested for the paucity of paying customers: the snowfall; the free music on offer at both the Allendale Inn and the Crown in Catton; the absence due to far-flung travel of some 25 additional guests who would otherwise have been expected to be out. But it all felt more like the economy was turning against us.

And with a late-arriving pair of invoices for catering services during the 2012 and 2014 Bonfire Nights, the eventual profit for the 2012 Bonfire and Fireworks display turned out to be only £41. Not so much good cheer in a gloomy start to March, then.

But spirits seemed to be high for the preparations that might help to ensure a brilliant May Fair, when it came around. The meeting of the Stall committee sounded very positive, as a good variety of stall-holders was expected. There might even have to be an overflow space laid on to accommodate everyone! Karaoke heats were almost all organised for most weekends starting with the first weekend in April, running right up to the Fair.

I think everyone was rather bemused at the choice of T-shirt ‘uniforms’ for us Lions and helpers to wear at the Fair: pink camouflage! But Sheila Baynes was being commissioned to run one up to show us what they’d actually look like on.

Hard times though, they were definitely upon us, and we would just have to see how well we could eke our way through until the May Fair.

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