2005 May Fairs

Karaoke Heats

Crucial heats in the run-up to the May Fair

The Karaoke Heats were a kind of drum roll to herald the upcoming Allendale Fair. Not only did they generate publicity for the fair, but they also elicited talented participants who could be winnowed down to an exciting few who would be asked to perform on the big day, for cash prizes.

The schedule shows how ambitious Nigel Baynes’ karaoke team were in their efforts to recruit likely talent:

April 9th, Manor House, Haltwhistle, 4-6pm Juniors, 8-11pm adults

April 15th, Allendale Inn, Allendale, adults

April 22nd, Kings Head, Allendale, 4-6pm Juniors, 8.30-11pm adults

April 23rd, Alston House, Alston, adults

April 30th, “Nothing Like the Buzzcocks”, VH

May 4th, Allendale Youth Project, VH, Juniors 12+ only, 6-8pm

May 6th, Allenheads Inn, Allenheads, adults

May 12th, Golden Lion, adults

May 13th, Allendale First School, Juniors

May 19th, Railway Inn, Haydon Bridge, 6-7.30 Juniors, 8-11pm adults

May 28th, Grand Final at the Fair

Sometimes, perhaps rarely, there were a few photographs taken at these heats. There don’t seem to be any in Steph Jamieson’s photo archive, however, and if there were any distributed during 2005, my email records don’t go back that far any longer, only stretching to 2006!

Perhaps someone will have a few photographs to jog our collective memory? These heats seem to have been a social affair for the Lions who took the bookings, who applauded every contribution, and who helped out on the drinks front in every venue visited. So sometimes the evening would probably have got a little boisterous?!

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