2006 May Fairs

Karaoke Heat: Railway Inn 2006

As we can see, the theme of this year’s Allendale Fair will be ‘Irish’ and the team have their tee-shirts already! Of course, Margaret is holding a half-pint of Guinness in honour of the theme — mind you don’t spill it over the laptop, M! It looks like Nigel was working hard to keep the show going, anyway. You weren’t, by any chance, having a domestic with Julie at the time, Davey? You’ve not caught her looking particularly delighted, but maybe it was just a moment of introspection, or maybe (and this must be the most likely interpretation) the performer on stage was not doing too well! I particularly like the way the external photograph of the pub, on the corner in Haydon Bridge, sets the scene.

Anyway, the particular prize, surely, for today’s photographic treat, has to be the shot of intrepid Hexham Courant reporter Joseph Tulip in full flow on his chosen song. Brilliant!

Thanks to Nigel’s amazing archive, we’ll be reading more of Joseph’s kind words about the fair later. But I believe the Golf Classic comes before the actual fair, so we’ll look out for that.

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