2013 Business Meetings Music Festival

July, 2013

Crowds of people having fun at a music concert; Image by bedneyimages on Freepik

President Sylvia Milburn brought her first meeting to order, and welcomed Andy Lees, the Developmental Officer for the Allen Valleys Landscape Partnership project charged with spending £1.7million from the Heritage Lottery Fund in this area. One of the funded sub-projects specified in the successful grant application had been the development of a Music Festival, which needed a local group to run with the idea.

Some initial work had identified volunteers (not necessarily Lions) before our club meeting, and after extensive discussion the club agreed to support the development of the festival, in principle. Writing this social history blog, from the perspective of another ten years on (ie in 2023), it’s intriguing to note that this year the Allen Valleys Folk Festival celebrated its tenth anniversary. The Allendale Lions Club was in at the beginning, wasn’t it?

There was a lot of business to get through at this July meeting, back in 2013, of which the Fair debrief was possibly the main item after the Music Festival discussion. Peter Aldcroft apparently had produced another of his ‘fun certificates’ for Margaret Stonehouse to pass along to Diane Butcher ‘Queen of Stalls’ for her sterling efforts on behalf of the Fair organising. There were a few wrinkles in the staging of this year’s Fair, of which the foremost was the uneven floor in the marquee, for which the Club asked for and secured a reduction of £500 in the hire fee.

Margaret brought up the issue of storage: Nigel was expecting to tear down the Green Shed, which had been the repository for Charity Auction materiél, but fortunately Gary Moat’s barn shed had become available and we could store stuff there in preparation for the annual auction.

The next meeting would be held in September, as we traditionally did not hold an August meeting owing to holiday commitments by many members.

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