Creating the Blogsite

Join us as we walk from the past to the present

We are embarking on a twenty month odyssey, together. When we’ve arrived, we should have compiled a comprehensive social history of the Allendale Lions Club, just in time for the twentieth anniversary.

But this unique documentation, this blog effort, will only be as good as its contributors, and that means input from each of us will enhance the end result. Whether by opportune comments, reflections, notations, corrections, memories after each post, or by new content to fit the weekly brief, or images gleaned from individual photo libraries, we can all share in this developing story, just as we’ve all shared in our collective history.

The path is open, the way forward into the past is clear. You are very welcome to join in this blog, to remember and to reminisce.

Thank you so much for subscribing, and watch out for new entries appearing in your In box throughout the coming weeks and months.

cheers, oh and ‘LCI!’ but perhaps more appositely, ‘ALC!’

Larry (editor, collator, blogger)

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