2010 In Memoriam Personalities

In Memoriam

Writing the entries for this Allendale Lions Club blog . . . sometimes it’s not easy at all. I’ve known for a few months now that this entry was coming along, as I try to pre-plan the entries based on photographs, press clippings and Business Meeting minutes to hand.

Cliff was the first charter member, I believe, that we, as a club, lost, though Forster Milburn, a dear friend of all the Lions, had passed away in the summer of 2008. Cliffy died in March of 2010, so it was still the waning winter when everything seemed grim.

Just before the renewal of spring, as it goes around. Perhaps the sense of springtime has opened the gates to deal with the personal grief of winter, but for whatever reason, even more than a decade after Cliff’s passing, it’s been hard to press ahead with this entry.

But for those of us who are still living, it falls on our shoulders to press on. And so these entries for 2010 will continue.

Cliff’s legacy will live on too, perhaps most especially in the environs of Allendale’s Golf Club, which the Lions support with the annual Cliff Calvert Golf Classic.

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