2011 Fundraising

Great North Air Ambulance: Cheque #2

What was that we were chatting about, an entry or so ago? Slow news month at the Hexham Courant? What better way to fill the pages than to present the same photograph, with the cheque holders slightly re-arranged, as a new news item!

No doubt there were rather a few chuckles from the Allendale Lions, by the end of that August, as the redundant publicity keep coming in, over and over again!

We can be grateful, too, that Nigel Baynes saw the humour in the repeated photograph, and carefully saved both for posterity.

I may not have been correct in terms of where the money for this year’s cheque to the GNAA came from, in an earlier entry, but I’m quite confident that the second photograph was not, was most definitely not, a second tranche of money. No, no, no. It was the same money, announced for the second time!

I wonder if successive central governments may have caught on to that gambit? Certainly there were accusations flying around, throughout the 20-teens, of deliberate presentation of funding as ‘new’ when in fact the news was merely recycled from previous funds.

The local answer, of course, was not that it was all a devious ploy. No, it was just our beloved local weekly, in its characteristic way, bumbling along nicely, thank you.

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