2008 Fundraising Golf Classics

Golf Club Classic

Although the actual date of the 2008 Golf Classic is not clear on this flyer, what is obvious is that the effort was yet another way in which the Allendale Lions contributed to the social fabric of our community.

I was never a golfer, myself, though I do know something of the thrill of whacking a ball straight, high and true down a fairway. Putting, chipping . . . not so much. And rather more slicing into the rough, of course, than the straight and true line from the tee.

But the way the Golf Club, whose members were interwoven with other organisations, especially the Lions, worked towards a special facility, whether on the course itself or in the impressively appointed clubhouse with its environmentally-conscious energy capacity, was salutory. Perhaps it was that dedication to a project that inspired many of the Lions to share in the experience.

Or maybe it was the social interaction, the tipple on the 10th hole (is that what you call it on a 9 hole course?), the camaraderie and physical effort that made the golf course more than just ‘a lovely walk spoiled’ as the old joke has it.

What’s undeniable is that the Allendale Lions loved to engage in projects that bound people together, that helped to build a cohesive community.

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