About us


Each year, the Allendale Lions Club elects a new president, who shares with the executive officers the ambitions and aspirations of the club for the coming year. Our destination, throughout this journey of twenty years has always been friendly service in the community.

Sometimes the May Fair was the main destination of the year; other times it’s been the Charity Auction, or the Burns Night. One year it felt like the destination was the fulfillment of the singular Allendale Diary, which developed based on the contributions of dozens of individuals.

Pin the Tail on the Parrot; May Fair 2007

The May Fair

So many May Fairs, so much fun in the Square!

The Charity Auction

A collective re-distribution of household goods and services, pledges and wise-cracks to delight one and all.

Bonfire Night

Not only was the Baynes Travel enterprise crucial for a variety of physical travel activities, but the big field behind the Hen House served as the annual site for the bonfire and fireworks on the 5th November.

Burns Night

The supper, held in honour of the Immortal Memory of Rabbie Burns on or near the 25th of January, has seen an intriguing set of speeches and poetic contributions, over the years.

Sometimes the destination became obscured in the frenzy, but as the blog entries show, these aspirations have taken a lot of organisation.