2011 Beer Festivals

Delightful brews . . .

The Hexham Courant was really rather brilliant at reporting bigger events at communities within its catchment area. Our local weekly may not have been the most accurate, all of the time, but it did have a good heart, most of the time.

On the matter of the funds actually raised at the Beer and Bands Festival, however, the likely sum, as mentioned in the article after the event, was probably communicated by an over-enthusiastic Lion, so we can’t blame the paper for that one!

In the event, as reported at the September business meeting, the actual profit from the festival was some £800. This money also included proceeds from the book and video stall run by Prue Newman, which was an extra fillip of interest to folks wandering around and through the big marquees. Especially those who may not have enjoyed one or another of the bands.

But in fact, the numbers attending the festival were down by 20% from the previous year’s effort, and the sale of drinks was down by some 30%. What was that we were mentioning about austerity biting?

Fund-raising, it would appear, was going to be challenging, in future, when folks were tightening their belts all over the place.

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