2008 Lions Social Events

Clay Pigeon Shoot

Apparently, no living thing was hurt in this Lions Club adventure, organised as a social affair by the Fun & Games committee. Well, no living thing apart from a few instances of hurt pride, I suspect!

I think most everyone imagines they’ve a better aim than they really have. So when it comes to the test, and you’re aiming at a flying clay disc, and you pull the trigger, BAMM! In most cases of amateur frolics with shotguns, I’d bet, the disc goes sailing on by, landing gently unscathed. Perhaps I am mistaken, but it’s up to the sharp-shooters who were there to disabuse me!

Nigel Baynes managed to fill two pages of his laminated archive with images from the event, but I wonder if he caught a disc in mid-flight?

It seems likely that the last image in the collection does feature, far to the left on the horizon behind the tree, a flying disc. Another escapee, doubtless.

It seems that a great time was had by everyone who turned up to share in the experience, and no doubt everyone trooped back to the Elk’s Head to chat about the misses. I was going to say, hits and misses, but I can’t be confident there were any actual ‘hits’ to be fair. If one of the Lions did manage to bring down a clay pigeon, I hope they got a congratulatory drink in the warm pub in front of the cosy fire!

And anyway, it looked like a lovely day to be outside.

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