2005 Public Service

Christmas Lights and Santa’s Sleigh, ’05

Make no mistake, the configuration of the Christmas lights around the square was quite an operation, between the cherry picker capably operated by Terry Page, and the scampering about on the Co-op’s rooftop by Nigel Baynes and Fergus Sandison, and the helpers who stayed safely on the ground, including Michael Keene overseeing the operation, and Foster Milburn, Graham Girvan, and Trevor Newman.

I’m hoping, as I peruse my way through Steph Jamieson’s delightful photo archive, that the arrival of Santa’s sleigh will also show something of the lights festooned around the square.

Enough of a set of images to get the idea, anyway, as the excitement of the festive season grew to a tumultuous climax, and the tired but delighted members of the Allendale Lions Club reflected back on a big year of service and fun.

Minutes from our meeting early in February ’06 revealed that we’d collected £150 in tins from locals impressed with the lights (which included Kevin Lee’s set pieces) for the Children Cancer Trust via the Ellen Lee Fund. The collections with Santa’s Sleigh (special thanks went to Cliff Calvert reprising his role as the jolly bearded gent) conveyed some £700 to the charity account for good causes.

We’d also found time to hold our own Christmas party, and to renew our commitment to Carols in the Square, with heartfelt thanks to Fran Wraith for the roasted chestnuts.

It was Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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