2008 Charter Events (annual)

Charter Night 2008

Not only my deathless prose immortalised forever in the pages of the Hexham Courant, but a special highlight for the mention of the Allendale Lions Club Charter Dinner, attended by no less a personal eminence than the District Governor!

And so the new year kicked off in some style. I’m not too sure who provided the wit on the night, nor less the wisdom, but I’m quite confident that there was plenty of wine flowing. I wonder if anyone can remember where the wit and wisdom came in? Possibly not, to be fair.

Anyway, 2008 promised to be a year of robust activity, as plans to renovate the Recreation Ground got underway in earnest, thanks to the Village of the Year prize money (£10,000) which would go straight into the new Toddlers Play Space. Additionally, a £5,000 grant secured by the Fawside for environmental renovation would see trees planted in a brilliant garden design contributed and spearheaded by Ingrid Gifford. Furthermore the eponymous ‘Wood if we Cou£d’ LEADER-2 grant secured by the Allendale Village Hall & Recreation Ground charity would contribute to the perimeter fencing above the Dene and the wooden surrounds around the Bowling Green, in concert with the re-paving of the paths throughout the park.

To think that those strenuous efforts by the Allendale Lions to Clean the Dene would see fruition in the reclamation of the Rec Ground for everyone to enjoy!

The District Governor should have been well-impressed by the club’s plans to continue to support the village in every way it could.

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