2006 Charity Auctions Public Service

Charity Auction, 2006

A rather intriguing auction, it seems . . .

Copious thanks to Nigel Baynes, and Wendy Baynes, for saving and forwarding on this archive of Allendale Lions memorabilia. And this was quite an intriguing ad in the Courant, wasn’t it? All sorts of everything. Indeed.

Anyway, the photographs don’t lie: Nigel wasn’t always on stage (he must have been taking photographs sometime?!), but no matter who was taking the bids, the event was a day of entertainment, always. It’s intriguing, also, isn’t it, that the caterers changed from year to year. Lately we’ve been delighted with the catering provided by the Sports Club in support of the playing fields and pavilion, but it wasn’t always them. Along the way we managed to create an event for which the Whitfield Parish Hall, among others, could generate some much-needed revenue.

I wonder what the pub furniture was, on this particular auction day. I’m afraid I don’t remember. Occasional tables, stools maybe? Perhaps this was the end of the Horse and Hounds? No, of course not, this would have been the pub furniture from the pub in Ovington, the Ovington Arms if I’m remembering correctly, that Trevor Newman of Newan Developments took over to create new housing from. Who knows where that furniture eventually went.

I have a few components of pub furniture myself, gracing the Elf Hole up in Sparty Lea, but that will have to be a feature of another entry. I can’t begin to list the auction items featured here at Elpha Green Cottage, acquired over the years, but they certainly kept us comfortable.

Somebody, ah yes, it was Brendon Jackson, who I met at the Household Waste Recycling Centre the other day, and we were chatting about the sad sight of a child’s race car (with pedals!) perched atop the heavy plastic recycling bin, and we remarked how nobody even thinks of recycling anymore. That car would have been a wonderful stage feature at the auction! Certainly an item worthy of attention by the Repair Shop folks. I opined that the Lions had been eager to recycle things in the community for decades, and I wasn’t far wrong. Talk about prescient public service, eh?!

And so the regular events of 2006 are entering their autumnal season. Look out for some bonfire night photos, some Santa’s sleigh, and some commentary as well, in the coming entries for the remainder of this month.

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