2005 Charity Auctions

Charity Auction 2005

What treasures have the Lions collected together to re-distribute back amongst the community this autumn? It’s all a grand recycling scheme, of course, with proceeds to good causes, always.

Prue Newman and Rosemary Granger are handling the front desk and welcoming folks in, while Jonny Baynes is his usual smiling self. The hall is all set up, and Nigel Baynes is mugging for the camera with cheerful Lynda McGregor and Wendy Blowman. It’s all go!

Let the auction commence . . . Margaret holds up a cuddly sheep for starters, as Christine Hutchinson contemplates the crowds coming in for a warming cup of soup, and this year’s auctioneer Paul Murphy is captured in repose on the balcony. Finally, with Trevor Newman on the computer and a friendly helper beside to collect the winning bids and run them to the back room where the book-keepers keep a tally, the auction is ready to roll.

With any luck the village hall table with its eponymous embroidered logo (AVH), a legacy from Nora Handcock, on the front, will not be part of the lotted sale items!

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