2008 Burns Nights

Burns Night 2008

The haggis receives a rousing welcome, as it’s paraded around the room

I remember this Burns Night very well. I think.

Though it’s true that images retrieved from a dusty old CD, otherwise lost to the ages, do help to bring those memories alive again.

Ed Aldcroft may have lead the singing, or perhaps he was providing ambience in the small hall and bar area, since the main dining event was in the main hall.

The spooky image of Rabbie Burns was projected and felt appropriately ghostly, as we went through the speeches, including the Immortal Memory. Sylvia Milburn doubtless gave the Lasses’ Response, after the Toast to the Lasses.

It had to have been this Burns Night, however, that I declaimed my own tribute to Allendale, Calor Village of the Year, written in the style of Burns’ poetry, if not of the right dialect. I think the poem is sufficiently available, as in the pages of Allendale Diary, for example, not to need repeating here.

And then, at the end of the evening, the dancing, lead by David Oliver’s Hedgehog Skin band, finished the proceedings off with great delight.

But who took the photos? And how did I end up with a dusty old CD full of memories? These are some of the mysteries of the near-past.

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