2005 Lions Social Events

Burns Night 2005

Slightly out-of-sequence, this archive of Burns Night photos will actually appear in the right calendar position, by the magic of editing, after this post is distributed. Meanwhile, for this post we can imagine that we’re back at the tail end of January, ’05, and the evening of song, speeches and possibly some dancing looks like it was quite the party. Although this particular Burns Night was not formally a Lions Club event, when a party is organised, most of the Lions have been happy to turn up!

So Ron Jamieson seems to have quite the ambition to sing the classic Burns numbers, while Liz Hughan, Stephanie Atkinson and Carrie Winger are happy to smile in demure mode. Larry Winger and Lynda MacGregor share a not-so-secret cuddle, but the main photographic event is surely the boys in the kilts, like a bunch of nested brackets surrounding Nigel Baynes in trousers. It looks like there’s Andy Morgan and Graham Girvan to Nigel’s right, with Greaeme Leighton, Fergus Sandison, and Chris Bacon to his left.

Those were the days, and how we partied on!

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