2008 Beer Festivals Fundraising

Beer Festival, 2008

It looked like a lovely ad, on the back page of the Hexham Courant, for what promised to be a really GREAT DAY OUT!

I remember this particular Beer Festival. We tried and tried to get the new gas mixer working for the lager and cider fonts. To my intense chagrin, we couldn’t get any good draft out, and eventually we had to give up on that exercise. Let them drink from cans, we shrugged. And so it transpired.

The real ale, however, was in excellent fettle, and the bands played on. I don’t know how many folks took advantage of the free coach ride on offer from Hexham, but what was true enough was the brilliant attendance. And no wonder, with the sunshine in abundance, live music and gallons and gallons of beer, it almost had to be a good day.

Yet again, after another function that was in many ways an enormous feat of endurance, the Allendale Lions were ready to collapse in a huge pile of delight and exhaustion. I think this event also helped to show how wonderful it was to share facilities like the big marquees, with the Agricultural Show Committee, to the benefit of the whole community.

Certainly, that was the direction your faithful correspondent was heading in, as the Allen Valley Notes were submitted to the Courant by late Sunday evening.

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