2007 Beer Festivals

Beer Festival 2007

The publicity machine was in full force, at the beginning of August, in preparation for the first stand-alone beer festival in Allendale.

Possibly because we liked the beer tent component of an earlier May Fair, and missed it at this year’s event, or possibly because we thought we might have a go at emulating the Tynedale Lions Club’s huge beer festival at the Corbridge Rugby Ground, but for whatever reason we thought we should try an independent event in the marquee that we could share with the Agricultural Society down at their showground.

And so, with superlative help from Allendale Brewery, we did. And then, because we could, we added extras, like live bands and barbecue. We weren’t bothered about the weather, which as I recall was not particularly kind, because the whole event was under canvas, and power for the amplifiers came from the Show Ground facility.

And the crowds came out to enjoy the day! The friendly bar staff lined up to serve the thirsty samplers: Terry Page, Mark Adams, Graham Girvan and Michael Keene, under the watchful supervision of Jim Hick of the brewery.

More on the big festival in the next blog entry, as Nigel Baynes’ archive yields up a treasure trove of memories for us all to enjoy.

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