2007 Beer Festivals

Beer Festival 2007, continued . . .

What fun, in the giant marquee, as the barbecue helpers (Christine Sherwood, Fran Wraith, Ann Potter, joined in another snap below by Rosemary Granger) smile for the camera. Another set of bar staff have stepped up (looks like Fergus Sandison and Mark Adams, in addition to Terry Page still serving).

Meanwhile, there’s also the book stall and the lager and wine service. Hilary Aldcroft is cajoling a prospective book buyer, while Michael Keene has joined the bar staff. Everyone’s mighty impressed with Fergus’s pulled half-pint!

There was so much to enjoy at this inaugural stand-alone festival. It felt so delightful to share the Agricultural Show’s tent, and to really identify and understand what the community is all about.

Should this sort of thing be an annual affair? Everybody thought so!

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