2013 May Fairs

Allendale Fair, 1st June, 2013

Although the Hexham Courant archives only thumbnails of historical images, we will have to be satisfied with these small ‘blasts from the past’ (which helpfully identify each individual photographed) as Nigel Baynes’ archive came to a stop at the end of 2012.

At the business meeting during the first week of June, the reports from the Fair were overwhelmingly positive, and indeed, it was a bright sunny day! This was the first time that the Striders had used the Village Hall as their staging area for the race, which was becoming an annual feature of the Fair. All went well throughout the day, and it seemed that everybody was as thrilled as the Lions were exhausted!

In particular, the work of Diane Butcher in the behind-the-scenes organisation and social media presence was commended by the Club. Apparently I got to be on Radio Newcastle in the morning, to chat about the Fair Day, but I’m afraid I cannot remember that at all! Thanks to the minutes of our Business Meeting, which in fact are a goldmine of hidden treasures from our golden days as a club.

There would be a Handover Party, scheduled soon at the General Havelock Inn in Haydon Bridge, when retiring President Richard Snowdon would hand over the chain of office to incoming President Sylvia Milburn. Meanwhile, money from the Fair was still flowing into the Lions charity account, and the capacity of the club to support good causes was being strengthened.

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