2006 May Fairs

Allendale Fair ’06: The Courant Report

As I recall, Will Green and Joseph Tulip exchanged places over the years as reporters with a special interest in the Allen Valleys. So it was a special delight to find Nigel Baynes’ carefully archived clipping that formally documented the 2006 May Fair, in the treasure trove Wendy Baynes sent along to me via Margaret Stonehouse.

We’ve already presented the photographs referred to in this extensive report, but Will Green’s words help to show what an exciting time it was for us, as organisers and custodians of the fair effort. We worked very hard to help make these events successful, didn’t we?

And this was our third year of the Allendale Fair, which we combined with the delightful beer festival on the Bank Holiday Monday. We must have been getting rather good at this, by this time, but especially we were fortunate to have good weather.

In the spirit by which we blame, or praise, the messenger, it’s only fair to say, Thanks Paul Mooney, for the brilliant weather!

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