2008 Beer Festivals Public Service

Allen Valleys . . . a tourist destination

The full page ad, featuring the Allen Valleys, in the pages of The Informer, a publicity magazine covering the North-East, was part of the North Pennines LEADER+ (the EU-funded scheme for deprived rural areas) scheme.

Paging through Nigel Baynes’ archive, all neatly arranged, laminated and packaged in large binders, I feel sometimes as if I’m retrieving parts of my own life that I’d forgotten. For my sins, I’d arranged a grant from the EU-funded LEADER+ project to enhance tourism on our patch, and the pages of The Informer that Nigel carefully saved were work from that effort.

Of course, the Allendale Lions contributed especially to events, the special occasions that brought the community together. But the life that went on in addition to those events that somehow made the time so enjoyable, that life was reflected in the long list of attractions on the ad. It’s hard to think about community life without context, and perhaps that’s why laying down the archive was so important.

Later, as we know with the benefit of hindsight, the philanthropic activities of the Lions, in the context of the Dene below the village hall, and the redevelopment of the Recreation Ground, would develop into a significant enhancement of the amenities here in Allendale. Meanwhile, touristic enterprises helped the community thrive.

And of course, it was sweet for the author of this piece to mention the upcoming Beer Festival, hot on the heels of the Agricultural Show, and that, as we know very well, was indeed an Allendale Lions event.

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