2005 Charter Events (annual)

2nd Charter Night

The village hall was decorated with aplomb by Maggie Shearer and her indefatigable team, and festooned with banners from Lions Clubs across the region. Trevor Newman delivered his presidential speech, and received courtesy gifts from visiting clubs. It seems that Fergus Sandison rose to accept a chair’s gavel, and then it appears that folks shared in a toast to the visitors, as Margaret Stonehouse, Trevor and Prue Rushman stood to do the honours.

Sue Mills and Julie Humes seemed delighted to smile for the photographer, while Sylvia Milburn engaged Ann and Alistair Potter in earnest conversation, Foster Milburn listening to Giles Dodwell holding forth. George Newman was intrigued with Nigel Coates’ tie, and Hamish Shearer is back at the bar while Margaret Stonehouse smiles with Cllr Ian Hutchinson. Cliff Calbert shares an affectionate moment with Jonny Baynes, and Stephanie Atkinson is listening to Lynda MacGregor (aka WiMo) with a bemused Margaret and Trevor looking on. By this time the photographer must have been getting a little tipsy, because there’s a whole of of shaking going on as Carrie Winger chats with Ann Bacon while Lilly Brennan and Larry Winger smile for the camera.

The 2nd Charter Night ended with a bang, as these dancing group photographs show, and everybody was convinced that the evening, all formal and shiny, glad rags and fancy, had been the social affair of the winter.

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