Allendale Lions Club: Our Story

Our Twenty-Year Adventure

Was it the biggest-ever tee shirt? It was definitely a fact that we were all connected, on a rainy May Fair afternoon.

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Discover how we had some of the best times in Allendale from the beginning of the century

Community Events

The ALC has always been eager to promote local events which bring people together

Funding for Good Causes

Over £100,000 has been distributed to good causes, mostly local, with good citizenship contributions regionally, nationally and internationally

Fun & Games

Especially during the first years, the local Lions Club members have enjoyed socialising on specific occasions

Explore our Picture Gallery

We’ll be creating this online gallery as we develop our interactive blog over the eighteen-or-so months from its inception (July, 2022) until the actual 20th Anniversary of the Charter: January 2024).

Meanwhile, this blog is based on a WordPress ‘Travel’ template, so the following images are merely placeholders, for now.

Community Events

Such a lot, two decades worth in fact, of amazing events owed their success to the dedicated organisational activities of the Allendale Lions Club

Business Meetings

Love ’em or loathe ’em, it’s a fact of life that things don’t get done in a community without meetings.


So many many good causes, especially locally, have received support from the Allendale Lions Club over the past twenty years. We’ll try to list some of our contributions. We’ll include a link below to our application form on our formal website.

Community Service

We’ve done good things, like clearing the Dene of all the rubbish that had accumulated during the past century, and taking folks out on shopping expeditions. There should be space in these pages to illustrate some of these activities.

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How to Request Funds from the Allendale Lions Club

Two Decades in Twenty Months

This blog, when it actually begins (the first few posts are setup tests), will commence with entries documenting the organisational activities from a few months before the formal charter of Allendale Lions Club, and it will continue successively (regular posts expected at frequencies of two to three times a week).

The idea is that each year, beginning from autumn 2003, will be recapitulated based on meeting minutes, email correspondence, images and contributed memories, every month between July 2022 and January 2024. Err, that’ll be about 19 months, so some squishing will doubtless occur.

Scroll through the archive, listed monthly, or by categories, to bring back memories of earlier years.

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